Putting UNSCOM back on track
South News commentary Jan 21

By Dave Muller

After seven years of poncing around Iraq UNSCOM needs to set clear guidelines as what they need to find and detail what they have actually found. The UN has sent over 400 inspection teams, comprising some four thousand international inspectors. We have to ask why this commission has not been able accomplish its mission?

Apart from Washington and London's determination to keep UNSCOM in Iraq as thin cover for covert intelligence work, what has this huge army of inspectors been doing all this time! Did they come to Iraq for a holiday?

The series of planned "technical evaluation meetings" on Iraq's warheads, chemical and biological weapons is a positive step for putting UNSCOM back on track and eliminating the disastrous and inhumane sanctions.

The IAEA has said in October last year its investigation of Iraq’s nuclear program had reached a point of diminishing returns and that the UN should focus on " the implementation and technical strengthening of its plan for ongoing monitoring and verification."

UNSCOM must call an end to its fruitless searching of Iraq on disinformation supplied and continuously fabricated by Iraq enemies. UNSCOM could spend years checking the country's university chemistry labs, baby milk plants or the kitchens of presidential palaces for anthrax, VX or even Mad Cow diease.

It cannot be forgotten that the direct consequence of UNSCOM procrastination is the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent and helpless infants, children, the elderly and chronically ill Iraqis. Millions are presently at risk of death from malnutrition and the vast majority of the population suffers permanent physical injury from the sanctions. The current increase in the death rate, directly caused by the sanctions, is 10,000 people in Iraq per month!