Iraqi parliament condemns CIA inspired Turkish invasion

Iraq's National Assembly on Friday condemned the latest Turkish incursion into northern Iraq, called for an immediate withdrawal of troops, which it said had caused great damage and many casualties. The Iraqi Parliament said the military action violates the principles of ``good neighborliness,'' international law and the UN charter, according to the Iraqi News Agency (INA)

``The National Assembly denounced .the new Turkish invasion of northern Iraq and considered it a flagrant aggression against Iraq's sovereignty, security and integrity of its land and airspace,'' INA said. INA said the parliament pointed out Iraq ``reserved its legitimate right to respond in line with the international law to Turkish aggressive actions and demand compensation for damages.''

Turkey has launched their third and largest operation into northern Iraq. About 60,000 troops crossed the border on May 14, backed with tanks, Cobra helicopters and fighter aircraft. Signs emerged that Turkey was gearing up for a long-term military campaign. Truck convoys shuttled food, ammunition, mattresses, telephone poles and construction material across the border, suggesting that the Turkish army planned an extended stay. It was not clear if that was the military's objective now.

In Turkey, where the army has seized power three times since 1960, commentators believe that the Turkish military has quietly staged another CIA inspired bloodless coup against Islamist Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan. Although Erbakan and the coalition led by his Welfare Party remain in office, they are living on borrowed time.

Erbakan now admits that his budget, which he aimed to balance after an $ 11 billion 1996 deficit, has been in trouble since March. Reacting to the turmoil, the stock market sagged 6% in a week as interest rates edge over 95%.Already, the army's push is sowing dissension within the Welfare Party. Its moderate deputy chairman, Aydin Menderes, the coup threat seriously. He is threatening to defect along with seven supporters in Parliament if Erbakan refuses to dissolve the coalition, which has a paper-thin five-vote majority.

However the military is apparently confident that it will get its way. It has pursued a foreign policy that counters the government's own in many respects. As the Welfare Party cuddles up to Iran's fundamentalist regime, for instance, the generals have signed a cooperation deal with Israel.

Since the operation began it has halted humanitarian and food supplies to Iraqis, which are brought by Turkish trucks with the United Nations' approval much to the cheers of the CIA.

Iraq orders food worth 70m dollars from US

Iraq has ordered nearly 70 million dollars worth of food from Gulf War foe the United States, Iraqi Commerce Minister Mohammad Mahdi Saleh said in an interview with a Saudi newspaper published on Thursday. May 15:

"We have signed contracts with four US companies so far for the purchase of 200,000 tons of wheat, 50,000 tons of sugar and 18,000 tons of beans," he told the Saudi daily ash-Sharq al-Awsat. "The total value of the signed contracts with American companies is estimated at nearly 70 million dollars," he said.

The food contracts are the first with US companies since the United Nations authorised Iraq in December to resume limited exports of crude oil and purchase food and medicine with the proceeds from the sale. Under the so-called "oil-for-food" deal, Iraq is allowed to export two billion dollars worth of oil every six months and buy humanitarian supplies worth 1.3 billion dollars. The rest of the money goes towards war reparations and UN costs.

Saleh said the contracts with the US companies were not a "political" matter. "This is a commercial question," he said. "I think that American companies had important interests in Iraq before the embargo and they've suffered because of Washington's policy of maintaining the embargo" imposed on Iraq for its August 1990 invasion of Kuwait, he said.

Saleh said Iraq had placed a total of 482 orders for humanitarian supplies worth nearly one billion dollars but the UN sanctions committee has only approved contracts worth 460 million dollars. He reiterated accusations that the United States was delaying approval of the contracts and distribution of the supplies to the Iraqi population.

US launches Biowarfare against Cuba

The Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations presented compelling evidence to the UN Secretary General on April 28 that Washington may be responsible for spreading a suspicious and devastating crop plague.

According to Cuba's report to the UN, on Oct. 21, 1996, Cuban Airlines crew members on a commercial flight reported a single-engine plane about 1,000 feet above them flying north to south above Matanzas Province. The plane was intermittently spraying a grayish-white mist.

The aircraft was identified as a fumigation aircraft Model SAR, register N3093M. That plane is listed on the civilian aircraft registry of the U.S. as being operated by the State Department. The airplane had taken off from Patrick United States Air Force Base in Cocoa Beach in Florida.

A Cuban air controller asked the pilot of the U.S. plane whether the craft was experiencing any technical problems. In a taped conversation, the pilot replied "No." When asked, the pilot identified the aircraft as a single-engine AY-65.

On Dec. 18, the first evidence of Thrips palmi plague emerged in Matanzas Province. Thrips palmi is an insect plague previously unknown in Cuba. It nestles and propagates in seedlings, fruits, vegetation and top soil. Its larvae scatter through the air.

Outbreaks of the infestation were reported in numerous other fields in and around Matanzas and La Habana Provinces, infecting corn, beans, pumpkins, cucumbers and other crops.

Although the Cuban government purchased expensive pesticides to combat the infestation, the chemical control has reportedly not been effective.

On Dec. 26, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked the U.S. Interest Section in Havana to clarify the flight incident.

The U.S. government claimed in reply that when the single-engine aircraft pilot saw the Cuban commercial airplane flying below, the pilot used the "smoke generator" to indicate his location.

But the SAR aircraft is a crop-duster, used by the U.S. to destroy crops in the so-called war on drugs. While the aircraft has sprinkling systems for liquids, aerosols and solids, there is no known smoke generator installed. And the smoke release argument contradicts the taped conversation with the U.S. pilot.

The Cuban commercial pilot, experienced at flying fumigation planes, asserts he saw the release of a substance, not smoke. And the territories infected with Thrips palmi match the flight of the U.S. crop-duster.

In addition, personnel of the Cuban National Pest Control Center detected the insect population on Dec. 18. The pest specialists estimated the plague was in its third or fourth generation. Considering that the insect reproductive cycle is 15 to 21 days, depending on its host plant, the beginning of the outbreak was estimated to be Oct. 21--precisely the date when the U.S. SAR crop-duster flew over the fields.

Based on these and other supporting facts, the Cuban government charges in its statement to the UN, "There is reliable evidence that Cuba has once again been the target of biological aggression.
Source: Workers World News Service

FBI lies exposed

The FBI is the U.S. government's "feared secret police."

Frederic Whitehurst, a veteran FBI agent and chemist who was a supervisor at the FBI lab. Whitehurst has been blowing the whistle about the FBI lab for many years.

Back in 1993, Frederic Whitehurst was put in charge of examining the evidence collected in an alleged Iraqi plot to assassinate former President George Bush. According to an April 22 report on National Public Radio, Whitehurst found no evidence of Iraqi involvement. His superiors changed his report to say there was proof against Iraq. And President Bill Clinton used this counterfeit report to justify a bombing attack on Iraq.

Whitehurst strongly objected at the time. But this was never made public before.

In fact, the Justice Department report that said there was "inaccurate testimony" in the Oklahoma City bombing case did not say the same thing about the Iraqi charges. The report claimed that changing Whitehurst's findings to implicate Iraq was okay.

The report by the Justice Department's inspector general is like most such investigations. It reveals a little but covers up a lot. In fact, since the FBI is a part of the Justice Department, it is a classic case of the fox investigating who is raiding the chicken coop.

Whitehurst says there are literally thousands of cases where the FBI lied and misrepresented evidence in order to convict its victims-but the report dismisses almost all of Whitehurst's charges. It says there are only a couple of cases where the FBI lied. And Whitehurst was dismissed from his lab job.

An April 16 Washington Post summary of the Justice Department's findings reported:

"* Scientifically flawed testimony and reports in four cases, including bombings of the World Trade Center in New York and the Oklahoma City federal building.

"* Inaccurate testimony in World Trade Center case.

"* Testimony that went beyond the examiner's expertise in World Trade Center case and two others.

"* Examiners without scientific qualifications."

The Justice Department only investigated three of the FBI's 23 lab divisions-explosives, material analysis and chemistry-toxicology. Other areas were never probed.

For example, the FBI routinely claims that handwriting can identify a particular person and that its lab can analyze this. Not so, says Professor James Starrs, who teaches forensic science at George Washington University. Starrs says such claims are "totally unscientific."(Associated Press, April 23)

The FBI regularly uses hair analysis to link individuals to crimes. But this method has not been scientifically validated.

In other words, the Justice Department is running another cover-up. But this is never reported in the big-business-controlled media.

One of the most notorious FBI frame-ups is of Leonard Peltier. The entire case against Peltier is based on FBI testimony, including false affidavits and perjured ballistics reports.

Peltier has been in prison for 21 years because he was part of the American Indian Movement, a political organization that fights for Native peoples' rights.

Based on the Justice Department report, shouldn't Peltier be released from prison immediately? So far, both the courts and Congress have refused petitions to reopen Peltier's case based on the new revelations.

There are many other cases of FBI frame-ups that should be exposed. While it has been revealed that the FBI had a program to destroy independent political leadership in African American communities-called COINTELPRO-details of what was done have never been revealed.

Over the years, investigative reports have disclosed that the FBI was behind the assassination of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and scores of key Black Panther Party leaders.

But these cases are not mentioned in the exposes of FBI lying and distortion.
Source : Workers World News service

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