Rawlings Urges Greater South-South Cooperation

Paul Ejime

DURBAN,  September 3 (PANA) -: Ghanaian President Jerry Rawlings has called on leaders of the developing world to stop paying lip service to South-South cooperation and take concrete action.

Addressing the NAM summit, he said the organisation should assume a leading role in the efforts to bring ''a new just and equitable world order.''

He said with membership of almost two-thirds of the world, NAM should forge a common front to be able to ''navigate the treacherous and dangerous waters of the post-cold war era.''

The movement was formed in 1961 to maintain neutrality against the two former super powers of the West and Eastern blocs.

Rawlings said NAM members should apply the same principle to defend the rights of the weak in the world of the powerful and protect the poor from the rich.

Re-echoing the call for global disarmament, the Ghanaian leader said there was no longer any justification for nuclear proliferation in a world plagued by the scourge of conflicts as well as illicit traffic in small arms.

Noting that Africa has had more than its own fair share of the conflicts, Rawlings said the current policy of conflict resolution, especially peace keeping that placed undue burden on poor countries, should be discontinued.

Meanwhile, Belarus, from the defunct Soviet Union was Wednesday admitted as the 114th member of the Movement.