Algeria Calls For Convention Against Terrorism

September 3, 1998

DURBAN, South Africa (PANA) - President Liamine Zeroual of Algeria has called on the international community to urgently adopt a convention to fight terrorism, under the aegis of the United Nations.

Speaking Wednesday in Durban at the 12th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, he stressed that such an instrument would be the ''appropriate legal framework'' for international cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

A convention is ''imperative,'' he said.

The Algerian leader said fighting the scourge of terrorism ''requires the widest possible cooperation for a global, appropriate and concrete response by the international community against the perpetrators of terrorist acts, their authors and their support networks.''

Zeroual recalled that Algeria, which is fighting against the phenomenon, has constantly drawn the attention of the international community on the transnational nature of terrorism and its international ramifications.

The Algiers government has been fighting fundamentalists grouped under the Islamic Salvation Front since 1992 when it cancelled a legislative polls the front was set to win.

Hundereds of Algerians, mainly ordinary people, have died in an orgy of blood letting attributed to both security agents and FIS guerillas.