NAM deplores  "No Fly Zones" on Iraq

Durban: Sept 4 (South News): Non -aligned countries meeting at their 12th summit in the  final communique deplored the US imposed no fly zones on Iraq and continuing deterioration of the humanitarian conditions of Iraqi population due to sanctions.

"The Heads of State or Government deplored the imposition and continued military enforcement of No Fly Zone" on Iraq by individual countries without any authorisation from the UN Security Council or General Assembly", the communique said.

The summit "noted with deep concern the continuing deterioration of the humanitarian conditions of Iraqi population due to sanction" and urged "member states of the Movement to deploy their efforts to halt this tragedy and help in lifting the sanctions as soon as possible in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions".

They also expressed their support and appreciation to  Kofi Annan, "for the timely exercise of his leadership on seeking a diplomatic and peaceful solution on the crisis on Iraq as it was suggested by NAM on 11 February 1998."

They also expressed their confidence that the agreement reached in Baghdad provided a diplomatic way out of the crisis on Iraq endorsed by the Security Council and contributed positively to the preservation of peace and security in the region. They also urged that help be extended to Iraq through UNESCO and other competent bodies for the restoration of all objects of art and antiquity stolen or smuggled out of Iraq during past years.

The  final communique "strongly condemned the repeated actions of Turkish armed forces violating the territorial integrity of Iraq under the pretext of fighting guerrilla elements hiding inside Iraqi territory" saying "these actions of Turkish armed forces constitute stark illegal violations of the international boundaries mutually recognised between the two countries and a threat to regional and international peace and security".

They also rejected the so-called "hot-pursuit" measures adopted by Turkey to justify such actions which are abhorrent to international law and to the norms of practice amongst States.