Kabila Demands Immediate Withdrawal Of Foreign Troops

Paul Ejime


DURBAN, South Africa (PANA) September 2-:President Laurent Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo Wednesday called for immediate withdrawal of troops from neighbouring Rwanda and Uganda, he accused of invading his country.

Addressing the 12th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, he urged the movement to ''condemn the aggression and demand the immediate withdrawal'' of the foreign forces.

Rwanda and Uganda have denied supporting the rebellion which erupted 2 August.

But Kabila, who singled out Angola, Zimbabwe and Namibia for supporting his government against the uprising, said ''the dignity and credibility of our forum (NAM) is at stake.''

The Congo crisis has created division among the Southern African development community, currently chaired by South Africa, whose president, Nelson Mandela, has been holding talks during the summit with all the parties concerned.

Kabila said even as he addressed the summit, the forces of rebellion were deporting and assassinating Congolese citizens, raping women and taking children captive.

He said his country supported South-South cooperation and called on NAM members to help Congo's reconstruction efforts by sending experts in all fields of development.

Delegates said Mandela is hoping to use a planned mini-summit of leaders of the sub-region to further the peace process on Congo.