Durban: 31 August: The ANC unreservedly condemns unscrupulous elements attempting to divert the attention of the world from the agenda of the Non-Aligned Movement Summit being held in Durban, Kwazulu/Natal, through bomb scares.

These are part of an ongoing campaign to create a negative image of our country at home and abroad. The ANC expresses its conviction that the law enforcement agencies of ourcountry will leave no sone unturned to ensure those responsible for these dastardly acts are apprehended to face the full might of law.

The Non-Aligned Movement Summit is the largest- ever gathering of heads of state and representatives of the developing world in our country since the inauguration of a new democratic government.

This gathering marks a watershed in the struggle of the developing world for a just and equitable world order in the face of globalisation. It takes place against the background of economic crises in many parts of the world with particularly severe consequences for the developing world.

As we approach the new millenium we continue to observe poverty, illiteracy, desease afflicting the majority of the people in the developing world despite the abundance of wealth which can address these key issues of the day.

It is for this reason that the ANC is convinced that the Non-Aligned Movement is as relevant as ever before. The unequal relationship between the rich north and the poor south can never be effectively addressed-unless the countries of the south forge a common strategic purpose in overcoming the consequences of globalisation.

No country or region of the developing world can hope to address the needs of the people in isolation from or without the co-operation of the rest of the world. In this regard, it is our hope that the NAM Summit will identify common issues and agree on a common platform for developing countries to advance the development interests of their own countries.

However, NAM should also draw into its orbit sympathetic countries in the developed north as a basis for global programme against poverty, illiteracy and desease.

The ANC is confident that NAM as before will be able to rise to the challenges facing the peoples in the developing world. Priorities include the transformation of international multi-lateral forums such as the United Nations, IMF and the World Bank in manner that they begin to address the inequalities in the developing world. Much more significantly, NAM has to find more effective ways to address the issue of foreign debts that remains the main obstacle to development in these.

Finally, we express our conviction that NAM will also, resolve to help strengthen and consolidate renewed efforts towards African renaissance and particularly Southern Africa. The ANC warmly welcomes all the Heads of State and their respective delegation to our country and wish them the best in their deliberations.