Iraq to use NAM summit to raise UN sanctions, US animosity


DURBAN, South Africa, Aug 28 (AFP) -Iraq will use the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) to raise the issues of its stand-off with the United States as well as sanctions imposed on it by the United Nations, Iraq's foreign minister said Friday.

Branding the US "the oulaw state of the world", Mohammad Said al-Sahhaf said: "We are going to explain to the summit facts and figures about the inhuman embargo imposed on the Iraqi people for more than eight years."

His comments follow reports from Baghdad this week that Iraq would explain at the summit its August 5 decision to suspend co-operation with United Nations weapons inspectors.

The leader of the Iraqi delegation to NAM, Vice President Taha Yassim Ramadhan, has asked to hold private talks with President Nelson Mandela, al-Sahhaf told the SAPA news agency after his arrival here for the summit.