Yugoslavia seeks anti-Nato alliance with Libya

TRIPOLI  April 26 (South News) - Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi received in Tripoli Sunday the Yugoslav president's personal envoy, Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Lilic in resolving the Kosovo crisis in a show of  non-aligned solidarity according to Libya's official news agency JANA

In the talks, opinions were exchanged about the situation in Yugoslavia provoked by the brutal aggression of the NATO pact and the unforeseeable consquences that the aggression and incessant bombing and devastation of civilian targets in Yugoslavia could have for peace and stability in the Balkans and for the future of the world.

Colonel Qadhafi underlined the readiness of Libya to pursue solidarity with Yugoslavia and its people in resisting the aggressor and seeking a peaceful solution to problems burdening the southern province of Kosovo.

Lilic's visit to Libya took place shortly after a NATO leaders' summit in Washington over the weekend approved measures to stop oil reaching Yugoslavia.

Unlike some other Arab states, Libya had condemned NATO's air strikes against Yugoslavia. JANA said Milosevic believed Gaddafi "is a friend to all parties" and had asked him to go ahead with an initiative to end the conflict centres on "four essential points," JANA said.

1) the cessation of all military operations;
2) the creation of a peacekeeping force in the region to be made up of several nations, excepting those taking part in the conflict;
3) the return of refugees
4) their right to full autonomy within the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia."

And the Yugoslav Left (JUL) party headed by Milosevic's wife Mirjana Markovic, issued a statement saying it supported an "international presence" in Kosovo under a U.N. flag with Russia's participation

Russian Balkans envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin said in Moscow that during talks in Belgrade last week Milosevic had agreed to an international presence under U.N. auspices, but only from countries of his choice and with heavy Russian participation.