NATO hits Zastava car factory again
Kragujevac, Serbia, April 12 (Tanjug) -  NATO aircraft raided early on Monday for the second time since the launching of aggression on Yugoslavia nearly three weeks ago the Zastava car factory in Kragujevac, central Serbia, wounding at least 36 factory employees.

The aircraft fired six highly-destructive missiles at the factory at 2.43 a.m. local time and then nine more seven minutes later.

President of Zastava's board of managers Milan Beko told a news conference early Monday that the missiles had hit the facilities that had been the target of the attack launched early last Friday, including the factory's forging and car plants. He said that, moreover, the factory's toolshop and computer centre were razed to the ground in the attack.

Beko said the factory had sustained extensive damage and that, according to initial estimates, the damage amounted to more than 1 billion dollars.

He also said that plans had been made following the first air raid on the factory several days ago for its reconstruction, saying that new plans would have to be made now that the factory had been attacked for the second time.

He said the Serbian government would help draw up plans for the factory's reconstruction, saying that numerous business partners had already contacted factory officials trying to find out how they could help.

This is very encouraging as well as high morale demonstrated by the factory employees who came to work this morning, he said adding that employees had been sent back home for security reasons. As long as the situation is like that, we shall overcome all difficulties, primarily through the help by the factory employees, the government and business partners, he said.