US Arab outrage by Pentagon attack on Iraqi Civilians

Washington: Jan 26 (South News) --Arab Americans are outraged by the US attack on Iraqi civilians the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) said on Monday.

An Iraqi man sits next to his house destroyed by a USmissile in BasraADC President Hala Maksoud said in a statement that the "United States needs to abide by United Nations resolutions and international law, rather than simply resorting to unilateral force to achieve its ends.

"Have the Iraqi people not suffered enough?", Hala Maksoud said "the targeting of civilians is particularly distressing".

"In spite of what has been claimed in numerous inaccurate press reports, these "no-fly zones" were never approved by any United Nations resolution. They have no basis in international law, and are an illegitimate and illegal violation of Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity", Maksoud said.

She said that President Clinton needs to listen carefully to the Pope tomorrow and heed his council ."It is shocking that the US would again target the long-suffering Iraqi people with lawless missile attacks which comes only one day before a scheduled meeting with Pope John Paul II.

In a statement issued from Mexico City, the Vatican said the military action ``confirms once again'' the pope's belief that ``military measures don't resolve problems in themselves, rather they aggravate them.''

Meanwhile the Arab League in Cairo urged the United States to stop attacks on Iraqi targets  "The Arab League once again renews its call to the United States to stop military operations in northern and southern Iraq to ensure security and stability in this important and sensitive Arab region,"  said in a statement.

Russia issued a strong official condemnation on Tuesday of the deaths of civilians ``Nothing can justify new deaths among the civilian population of Iraq, which has already been bled dry by the hardships of many years of blockade,'' the Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued as US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright held talks with Russian officials in Moscow.

Iraqi workers protest against the latest US attack on BasraThe Basra region in southern Iraq was the target of several US missile attacks on Monday in which at least 11 civilians were killed and 59 wounded, as thousands marched through the streets of Baghdad on Tuesday, lashing out at the United States for its latest air strike and at Arab neighbours it blames for triggering the attack.

"Listen Clinton, the fox got lost in the desert," protestors chanted, referring to December's deadly US-British bombing offensive dubbed Operation Desert Fox.

The rally was organised by the Iraqi workers union which delivered a letter to a UN office here appealing for Secretary General Kofi Annan to condemn the deadly strike on Basra on Monday and the "no-fly zones" southern and northern Iraq.