Iraqi MPs question UN imposed Kuwaiti border

BAGHDAD: Jan 9 (South News) - Iraqi legislators urged the government Saturday for the scrapping of a UN resolution demarcating the sanctions-hit state's border with Kuwait, during the opening of an extraordinary two-day session here.

Khald Al-Dury, chief of foreign affairs between Arab countriesThe resolution "is without precedent, unfair and arbitrary ... (it) is not a prerogative of the Security Council, but should be solved bilaterally or by arbitration," said MP Ibrahim Yussef Turki Jaddua.

"The Security Council imposed this decision on the basis of a British map never recognised by Iraq ... Iraq was amputed of territory and oil fields. Why must Iraq continue to accept this unjust situation?" he said.

The border, covered by UN Resolution 833 adopted in May 1993, is monitored by the UN Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission (UNIKOM). Kuwait was part of Iraq under the Ottoman Empire, which collapsed at the end of World War I. The British, who then took control of the region, severed Kuwait from the province of Basra, triggering years of dispute over the line in the sand.

Sameria Aziz, left, and Sameria Fatheil discuss resolutionsAt an extraordinary session of parliament, MPs also said countries which allowed U.S. and British planes to launch air strikes from their territory against Iraq last month should be branded hostile states and should be punished.

``The countries who allow America and Britain to use their territories in order to launch their aggression against Iraq should be regarded as hostile states...and they should be punished,'' said Hassan Ibrahim al-Mahdawi, chairman of the legal committee of the National Assembly.

``What is the use of cooperating with the Security Council at a time it has done nothing to ease the sanctions? It is essential that we stop dealing with its resolutions,'' said legislator Usama Mahmoud.