Iraq downs quarter of Desert Fox missiles

BAGHDAD, Dec 20 (South News) - Iraq said Sunday its anti-aircraft defences shot down more than a quarter of 446 missiles fired by US during the four-night agression.

"Our defences shot down 21 enemy missiles out of 81 fired" on Saturday night up until midnight (2100 GMT), the army said, in a statement carried by the official news agency INA.

It said the last night's missiles targeted residential areas, hospitals, industrial installations and "certain military units."

Between Wednesday night and early Saturday, the Iraqi armed forces also reported shooting down 100 out of 365 missiles, bringing the overall tally to 121 missiles downed out of 446 fired.

The 400+ cruise missiles fired at Iraq over the four nights were more than during the six-week Gulf War in 1991. At least 73 civilians were killed, according to a toll compiled on Saturday,INA said.