Non-aligned Movement deplores US strike on Iraq

JOHANNESBURG: December 18 (South News) - The Non-aligned Movement (NAM) Friday deplored the air strikes against Iraq by the United States and Britain, saying the military action violated the U.N. Charter, the South African Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"The Movement of Non-Aligned countries deplores the ongoing military actions against Iraq by individual countries without any authorization from the (UN) Security Council in flagrant disregard of the United Nations Charter," the statement said.

South Africa currently chairs the movement of 113 developing countries.

The NAM called for the immediate cessation of all military strikes against Iraq and the avoidance of any actions that might further aggravate tension in the region.

It urgently called for a peaceful solution to the crisis, saying such a solution will contribute positively to the promotion and preservation of peace and security.

"In this regard, the movement calls on all sides to continue efforts aimed at a peaceful settlement under the auspices of the Security Council, including an active role for the secretary-general of the United Nations."

The movement emphasized that the full implementation of all relevant Security Council resolutions by all parties constituted the only means of establishing durable peace, security and stability in the region.