Libya calls for Ramadan protest

Tripoli: (South News,Dec 17) Libya has called for a worldwide protest following Muslim Friday prayers against the US and British military strikes against Iraq.

Libyan state television announced an appeal by the free Libyan people to all the people of the world, especially Arabs and Muslims, to turn out in massive numbers to demonstrate their anger and reject the US-British attack on the Iraqi people.

The official JANA news agency said earlier that the strikes against Iraq were ``a humiliation'' for the entire Muslim world as it prepares for the holy fasting month of Ramadan, which begins this weekend.

Tripoli asked what difference it made whether the victims were fasting or preparing to fast after US President Bill Clinton said he began the strikes now rather than start them during Ramadan out of respect for Muslim sensibilities.

``It's another US trick to justify its terrorist acts against the people of the whole world,'' JANA said.