US still cannot find Korean satellite

Washington:  ( South News,Sept 15): The US said Monday the object launched by North Korea in the Western Pacific two weeks ago was a satellite, not a missile as initially assessed but stll had not sighted it.

The State Department spokesman James Rubin confirmed that North Korea attempted to "orbit a very small satellite" in an August 31 test that has been reported as both as a missile test and a satellite launch. Yet Rubin noted that the payload, in this case a satellite, in last month's launch had been very small " have concluded the satellite failed to achieve orbit," James Rubin said.

However a senior expert with Russia's Space Agency, Gennady Khromov,  quoted by the Interfax news agency, said Tuesday that " its weight of only 28.6 pounds complicated identification efforts".

Meanwhile North Korea said the satellite, "Kwangmyongsong No. 1," or "Bright Star," completed its 100th orbiting of the Earth on Monday (September 13) between 08:24 and 11:17am.

The North's Korean Central News Agency said Monday in the 100th orbit the satellite was "220 kilometres high" and passed  over "the northern part of Hawaii, Chile, Argentina and other South American countries, the Atlantic ocean, Namibia, Angola, Democratic Congo, Ethiopia, Pakistan and China".

KCNA  said the satellite was "demonstrating the potential of the DPRK (North Korea), which is accelerating the development of space ... in reliance upon national strength and advanced science and technology." KCNA further said the "satellite is expected to be seen with the naked eye when it is passing the DPRK in early October".