The 666 committee

The UN Iraq sanction committee was established under UN resolution 661 (1990) to review and monitor sanctions against Iraq which under this resolution excluded medical supplies and foodstuff for humanitarian purposes. UN resolution 666 (13 September 1990) stated "it is for the Security Council, alone or acting through the Committee, to determine whether humanitarian circumstances have arisen"

Thus the 661 committee became the 666 committee deciding life and death in Iraq and later the approval mechanism under UN resolution 987 for food-for-oil contracts.

Cuba and Yemen, non-permanent Security Council members at the time denounced the resolution for its possible starvation implications. But few foresaw what was to become UN mandate of human genocide.

In late 1991 the South Movement ( Australia) began to denounce the 666 resolution and the activities of the committee as the very work of Satan. For a more detailed analyses of the interplay of biblical prophecy, the CIA, secret American agendas of the time see
"The Seven Heads of George Bush" by David Muller, South Publications, 1991, ISBN 085816791 3