Australian petition to House of Reps
  Meeting questions Why !
Successive US administrations have channeled millions of dollars in CIA driven covert operations with the sole purpose of getting rid of president Saddam. To their shame they have used and mislead ethnic and religious minorities in the region in this one underlying obsession. 
 Now the US military is even deploying new nuclear weapons technology at an estimated cost to US taxpayers of $12 billion. Six radar-evading B-2 stealth bombers were officially put into the US nuclear force on April 1st with these new Penetrator bombs to be used against underground bunkers. 


 Bill Hartley,
former ALP Senator for Victoria
speaks at picket outside US consulate


Collectively the Security Council must live with the fact that UN trade sanctions against Iraq have caused the premature deaths of 750,000 children since 1990. It has avoided the fact that the United States needs psychological help and it is time for United Nations to be cruel to be kind and tell the US so. 


 Fri 13 at the US Consulate, and  much bigger rally and march is planned for Sat21 Feb.

For information, contact: St Aloy

Monday Feb 2 about 60 demonstrators gathered outside the US consulate in Sydney. We
collected over three hundred siganture on a statement which simply read "No new bombing of Iraq". On this coming Fri 13 there will be another demonstartion but a much bigger rally and march is planned for Sat 21 Feb. The demonstartions are being coordinated by the Australian Anti-Bases Campiagn Coalition (AABCC) and Pax Christi Australia. 

Our contacts are phone/fax:
 61 2 9517 9425. Our snail mail is : AABCC, PO Box A899, Sydney South 1235.