Melbourne ANSWER to War

The first Melbourne rally was on Sunday 16 September, just six days after the 9-11 atrocities . Since then, at least one rally has been held each week, and in some weeks two anti-war events have been held.

The Melbourne rallies have consistently condemned the atrocities that occurred in New York and Washington DC but they have also condemned the use of STATE terror as a reponse.  The rallies have also condemned the racist nature of this military action (the world's richest nation bombing one of the world's poorest nations), plus the racist attacks on Australians of Middle Eastern origin and the vandalising of  Islamic buildings in Australia, as well as the racist scapegoating of asylum seekers.

Upcoming Protests:

Melbourne protests to date
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  • Sunday 4 November: 

  • About 800 people rallied for peace and to stop the war, in the Melbourne city Square today. Several hundred had rallied with the Refugee Action Collective at Southbank against the treatment of refugees and had marched to join the anti-war rally, where they were addressed by several speakers. The rally then marched on Liberal Party Headquaters, then to the lawns of the State Library for music and entertainment. Similar demonstrations occurred in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. 
  • 14 October to 2 November 

  • Peace vigil - -24 hours a day 7 days a week - State Library Lawns, Swanston and Latrobe streets, Opposite Melbourne Central Station. Following an agreement made with the library administration, the protesters have won the right to operate an information tent on the lawns between 9am and 9pm daily. 
  • Sunday 21 October: 

  • 500 people listened to speakers in the Melbourne City Square from 2pm. Speakers included Alison Thorne from the Socialist Alliance and Leigh Hubbard, Secretary of Melbourne Trades Hall Council. People then marched up to the Peace Embassy, a small tent city vigil set up on the lawns of the State Library, where further speakers and music were heard. Read a report. See Photos by Takver
  • Saturday 20 October: 

  • Richmond (Melbourne Suburb)
    This was good rally. Activists set up a microphone and amplifier and for an hour, activists from various groups set up literature tables and addressed the shoppers and handed out leaflets. The speakers included two candidates for the local electorate in the forthcoming federal election - Pamela Curr (from the Greens) and Stephen Jolly (from the Socialist Party).
  • Sunday 14 October: Over 500 protest american war 

  • 500 people assembled on parliament steps yesterday in Melbourne. The rally was organised by a coalition of women's organisations supporting Muslim women and refugees and calling for an end to the War. 
  • Saturday 13 October: Stop Star Wars Melbourne Rally for Peace 

  • Over a thousand people rallied at the Arts Centre in Melbourne to hear speakers, then marched on the U.S. Consulate in St Kilda Road today. Similar rallies took place in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide today. The march protested the militarisation of space and called for an end to war against Afghanistan. Photos. 
  • Monday 8 October: Melbourne responds to Bombing with Peace Rally 

  • At short notice, about 1,000 people rallied in the Melbourne City Square at 5pm and marched for peace and against the violence and terrorism of war, sitting down at various city intersections for a few minutes. See photos of the crowd and banners. Commentaries - Melbourne rally says: "No more deaths" and Anti-War Rally in Melbourne and more Photos from October 8th anit-war rally (19) 
  • Wednesday 3 October: Melbourne has 2 peace rallies within 3 days 

  • A lively and colorful rally against war and racism was held in Melbourne's City Square at 5pm today by the O3 Alliance. The rally was covered on Channel 7 and 9 news at 6pm but it was ignored by Channel 2 at 7pm. 
  • Sunday 30 September:

  • Thousands rally for Peace -Melbourne 
    About 3,000 people rallied for peace in the City Square. South News report. 
  • Sunday 23 September: Media bullies suppress news about peace movement 

  • Australia is witnessing the historic birth of a new peace movement although the corporate news media are unfairly limiting their coverage of it.
  • Sunday 16 September: Melbourne Peace Vigil Photos 

  • 2 photos of the Peace Vigil in the Melbourne City Square. A symbol of mourning for the deaths caused by US Foreign Policy, and a protest against the declaration of war by President Bush.. More Photos

    Peace Rally 4 November 
    "Stop the War Banner" 
    Tent city peace camp - open for inspection
    Tent city peace vigil
    Turkish/Kurdish  people join rally in font of State Library of Victoria
    Peace Rally 21 October

    Peace Rally 21 Oct - Stop the War - No Conscription!
    Peace Rally 21 October 
    "No Conscription - Stop the War" 

    Peace Rally 13 Oct - No War No Racism
    Peace Rally 13 October 
    "No War No Racism Banner" 

    antisanctions banner
    Peace Rally 8th october
    "US sanctions kills 8000 Iraqis monthly" 

    Peace Rally 30 Sep - Peace
    Peace Rally 30 September 

    Peace Rally 16 Sep - Attentive Crowd
    Peace Rally 16 September 

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