A Bridge to Baghdad
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A Bridge to Baghdad 

A Bridge to Baghdad has sent delegations to Iraq to gather information and report back in Italy on the consequences of the blockade. It has also organized international conferences on this subject. This group, with the support of many other progressive and working-class organizations in Italy, coordinated protest actions in Rome, Milan, Naples, Reggio Emilia, and other areas of Italy on January 1617, 1996, the fifth anniversary of the Gulf War. The following are excerpts from their call for those demonstrations: 

Never has such a complete embargo been imposed for so long on an entire population. In the same way, never since the Second World War has there been a bombardment as massive as the one on Iraq in January and February 1991. 

At the same time the "new world order" that was supposed to be born in the Gulf War has revealed itself to be an order singularly founded upon the domination of the most industrialized nations over the rest of the world. 

The economic divergence between rich and poor countries has widened since that time, fed by the mechanism of indebtedness and by the policies of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. 

Even the peace process in the Middle East risks being heavily determined by Western neocolonial control. 

The countries of the ex-Eastern bloc, abandoned to the "free market," are experiencing an unprecedented economic and social crisis. In recent years there have been a hundred "local wars" that have produced millions of civilian victims. To these victims can be added those suffering under the embargoes of Libya and of Serbia as well as that against Iraq and of the thirty-year-long economic blockade by the U.S. against Cuba. 

We demand: the immediate revocation of the embargoes against Iraq, Libya, and Cuba.