Hiroshima Day Protest (Aug 6-9)
Let's join together to build a nuclear free future.
Each year on August 6th, the lessons of the horrendous atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are marked with activities of commemoration and protest.
Ban all DU weapons. 

A new generation of depleted uranium (DU)  "conventional" weapons used extensively for the first time during the Gulf War scattered more than 600,000 pounds of radioactive waste throughout the Gulf region.  Exposures to DU have been implicated in a  variety of serious health conditions including cancer, leukemia, diminished immune response, kidney and liver disease and problems in reproductive organs. Today over 100,000 Gulf war veterans and many thousands more in Iraq are chronically ill with Gulf War Syndrome. Their symptoms closely match those caused by uranium poisoning. 

Cancel the Cassini Space Probe. 
NASA plans to launch the Cassini Space Probe containing 72.3 pounds of plutonium to Saturn this October. 
An accident with plutonium risks radiating vast areas of the earth
Stop weapons development.
Clean up all nuclear waste. 
We face the massive ecological burden from half a century of nuclear arms 
US protest
Hiroshima Day Rally and march in Washington DC on Saturday, August 9.
 Department of Energy 1:00 PM
Hiroshima Day Rally. Wed Aug 6, 12.30pm. North Ltd, 476 St Kilda Rd. 
North via its sudsidiary ERA plans to open a new mine at Jabiluka in the Kakudu National Park despite oppsition from the Northern Land Council and an unsatisfactory Environmental Impact Statement 

 Hiroshima Day Wednesday August 6th Ceremony at St. Georges Cathedral, followed by a march to Parliament House and down Jacob's ladder to Gooninninup park opposite the Old Brewery, where we will farewell the pilgrimage people on their journey to visit sacred sites and uranium deposits around Australia 

Pilgrimage Project