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 Earthworker, Public First, South Movement

An opportunity to collaborate to develop an alternative model of international cooperation for the good of all through input from participants with genuine links to the community. 

Victoria University of Technology, 254 Flinders Street , Melbourne

The conference will consist of addresses by keynote speakers; thematic workshops facilitated by people with experience or knowledge of the relevant area and a final session at which participants in workshops report back. 
Speakers include: 

Dr Patricia Ranald (AFTINET
John Maitland (National Secretary, CFMEU)
Bob Phelps (Gene Ethics Network).
Guest Speakers:
  • Waldon Bello, Focus on the Global South, well-known author on the costs of development in South East Asia 
  •  Jane Kelsey, University of Auckland, a prominant figure in the campaign against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment 
Papers, Proposals and Participants Invited.

8am                Registration 
8.45               Open conference 
9-10               Keynote speakers - John Maitland, Bob Phelps, Pat Ranald 
10-10.30        Tea break 
10.30-11.15   Keynote speakers - Walden Bello, Jane Kelsey 
11.15-12.30   Introduction to workshops 
12.30-1.30     Lunch 
1.30-3.30      Workshops 
3.30-4           Tea break 
4-4.30            International Guest Speakers 
4.30-6            Plenary 


Organisation (If Applicable): 
I am interested in the following workshops [Number boxes in order of preference] 
[ ] Labour and Trade Union Rights [ ] Health 
[ ] Environment [ ] Education [ ] .....Other 
[ ] Gene Ethics and GM Food (Specify) 
[ ] Democratic Rights [ ] Political Economy [ ] International Issues [ ] Social Security
[ ] Guaranteed Minimum Income

Registration fee $15 waged $8 unwaged 
Tea + coffee provided 
Phone: 9662 9688 or 0419 537 595 or at

Send registration & Cheque payable to: 
Public First P.O Box 2288 Fitzroy Vic. 3065 
by 25.08.00