Friday 8 September
World Reconciliation Day 2000 - It Starts With Me
photo of Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela 
One of the most honoured men in modern history - Nelson Mandela - is coming to Australia.Mandela, surviving apartheid and 28 years jail. 
Hear him on this week's ABC's Radio's National's Background Briefing in a presentation he recently gave at the London School of Economics, where he was awarded an honorary degree. 
The former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela will deliver an address, as the highlight of the World Reconciliation Day tribute concert , before an audience of 40,000 at Melbourne's Colonial Stadium. The  two and a half hour concert will be televised to millions of viewers in Australia and to hundreds of millions more around the world. The concert will also be webcast live presented by The ISIS Foundation, at , and will be accessible to a global audience of 300 million. The event is attracting a lineup of international and Australian personalities including Rubin Hurricane Carter, Killing Heidi and Christine Anu.....
The concept of World Reconciliation Day was initiated by a Melbourne schoolboy, Piers Mitchem who dreamed of creating a worldwide movement toward reconciliation and of inviting his hero, Nelson Mandela to help launch it. Three years later, Nelson Mandela has agreed to come to Australia to celebrate World Reconciliation Day. The event, presented by the ISIS Foundation, will raise more than $2 million for charity and launch the movement toward global reconciliation. 
The full text of Malcolm Fraser's Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture,
which he gave on Thursday August 24 in Darwin.