ACFOA  organised  NGO convergence. 
'Development Challenges in the Global Economy' 
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Thursday 7th September 9am-5.30pm 

main hall, north melbourne town hall 
corner of queensberry + errol streets
north melbourne

The seminar will involve a number of panels tackling key themes, among them:

* An overview of the impacts of the current neo-liberal market led model of development in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, and what role can aid play in a globalised world. 

* Changes in the way corporate power is organising itself in forums such as the WEF, and how NGOs can better respond to these shifts. Perspectives on corporate power and the links to human rights and environment. 

* The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation and their current role in globalisation. 

* Alternative economic governance structures for regulating globalisation, advancing debt relief, financing development and for more equitable global trade policies.

Speakers include: Meena Ramon, Shelly Emalin Rao, Prof. John Braithwaite, Cam Walker, Dr Patricia Ranald, Jagjit Plahe, Janet Hunt.

Organised by the Australian Council for Overseas Aid, and sponsored by Australian Conservation Foundation, World Vision Australia, Jubilee 2000, Friends of the Earth and Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network. 

Further information:
Andrew Nette 02 6281 9225 
Debbie Venugopal:
phone: 02 6285 1816 
fax: 02 6285 1720