President Saddam Hussein's Speech on the 9th Anniversary of (The Great Victory Day) marking the end of the war with Iran.

President Saddam Hussein made an important
comprehensive and nation wide address:

President Saddam Hussein has called on Iran to renounce the policy of expansion, illegitimate ambitions, interference and deceit and to adopt a policy of cooperation and mutual keenness to stabilize and develop relations based on genuine and sincere intentions.

In a comprehensive and important address to the people of Iraq and the Arab nation and to Muslims and friends throughout the world on the 9th Anniversary of Iraq's victory over Iran in 1988, the President said " We are not content to hear from present Iranian officials words without deeds , rather they must fulfill their non-negotiable commitments at the forefront of which are the release of Iraqi POW's and the return of Iraqi possessions including civilian and military aircraft which were transferred to Iran with their approval before and during the glorious Um Al-Ma'rik (The Mother of All Battles) and entrusted with them."

The President added " Every step taken by Iran on these basis will be met on our part with two balanced steps, the first responds to theirs and the second reflects the concern of stability and security in the region and to the mutual respect and balanced interests."

President Saddam Hussein went on to say " Other than that we will not be content to see in Iran merely changing posts and replacing an individual or a party with another."

Addressing Arabs, President Saddam Hussein said " The glorious Second Qaddisyah Battle we are celebrating its victory now is a state of salvation for you and for an important aspect of human concepts. We did not envisage in the past nor do we now that anyone could repulse evil at its full power and capability targeting Arabs and their Eastern flank with such efficiency, patience and willingness to sacrifice more than your brothers ,the Iraqis. Nor did we envisage and still do not, that there is anyone who is more capable and sincere to this nation than the Ba'th and its leadership in the battle of Iraq to defend itself and the Arab nation."

The President said " Just as we as a nation repulsed the invasion of the Crusaders on our nation in the past and just as we rejected and still reject the 30-state aggression against our country and came out victorious and with God's help we will, we also rejected the aggressiveness of the impostors from Iran and came out victorious."

President Saddam Hussein urged Iranian officials " Not to mix their political and economic relations with the Arabs and Iraq with the desire to realize religious slogans and allegations with the aim of expanding at the expense of Arabs, their security and stability. They must be extremely careful in this regard and must realize that nothing hidden can go on unexposed. They must not pursue a double policy, one is out in the open and the second is planned in secrecy waiting for an opportunity to implement it. Going into conflict with the Arabs is costly since none of them is an easy prey if he mobilizes the nation's spirit within himself to become a living part of the nation."

President Saddam Hussein then tackled Iranian conduct before and after the 30-state aggression against Iraq. He said " Leading Iranian officials used to show concern to our comrades who visited Tehran before the aggression , including the Vice-Chairman of Revolution Command Council Comrade Izzat Ibrahim, that Iraq would not take the initiative of attacking America's allies first . They used to tell our visiting Comrades at the time that Iraq would come out victorious if it was the first to attack the alley's armies and that it would be defeated if it were to leave it to the allies "

The President added " Some may think that this is just a judgment or a military view and not an attempt to push Iraq into early confrontation under pressure of fear that this confrontation would not occur and that the Iranians would lose the opportunity of betrayal just as later happened after the cease-fire. At that time they pushed the most evil of people amongst them who were trained on this in addition to their intelligence officers ,later arrested in Iraq, to burn and to destroy everything that was not reached by bombs of the 30-state aggression in accordance with a prepared plan with the finest details."

The President also touched upon Iran's refusal to release Iraqi POW's registered with the Red Cross nearing 20,000 despite Iraq's initiative on August 17,1990 and subsequent days when it released all their POW's totaling more than 39,000 with the exception of one pilot whose plane was downed over Iraqi territories on the 18th of September 1980 to become one of the most important documents of war for having attacked targets within our territories before Iraq's reprisal to the Iranian aggressions. " These totaled 548 from the period February 23rd, 1979 to September 4th, 1980 . During this period Iraq submitted to Iran 293 memorandum of protests and denunciation of the aggressions which ignited the eight-year-war. A war which only came to a halt when Iran announced its total failure to prolong it."

President Saddam Hussein then moved on to explain the details of such behavior and said " This conduct has nothing to do with Islam and real Muslims nor does it have anything to do with beliefs in other faiths. Several heads of states of Islamic nations tried to put an end to the war and so did other friendly nations, international organizations and political and social personalities in addition to Iraq's peaceful initiatives over the span of eight years. The total number of such initiatives and calls for peace exceeded 215."

The President said " The war could have been averted had it not been for those intransigent Iranian officials who pushed things to the verge of the abyss."

President Saddam Hussein dealt in his speech with Iranian officials' attempts to use the issue of Shiizm (the sect of followers of Imam Ali) as a means to achieve their expansionist schemes saying " The Arabs had preceded the Iranians in following Shiizm. It came to the Arabs out of their conviction, sense of affiliation and respect not through force as it was imposed on the Iranians when the then Shah of Iran Ismail -Safawi forced it on his people early in the 16th century as a means to challenge the Ottoman empire's' rule."

The President added " Whoever claims to be a Shiite, follower of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) must adhere to the Imam's religious and earthly conduct enabling him to reflect his principles and not those of evil desires and fake preaching."

The President questioned " Is it the principles of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) to murder and mutilate bodies of POW's after each battle and to keep in captivity others for seventeen years in defiance of all religious and earthly norms? Is it the principles of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) to betray one's trusts and to confiscate them? " This is a reference from President Saddam Hussein to Iraq's military and civilian aircraft. Is it also the principles and conduct of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) that Iran unleashes after the cease-fire with (The Great Satan) its running dogs across the border with Iraq to roam into Iraqi towns and villages devastated by the savage American bombardment " defiling all sanctities, looting, killing and raping during the phase of perfidy and treason when, in 1991, Iraq and its Mujahideen were engaged in one of the most noble battles of the nation against America and Zionism, the Um Al-Ma'rik?"

President Saddam Hussein added " Those Iranian officials, their followers and those who pursued their footsteps are not the Shiites of Ali and Al-Hussein (peace be upon them). They have harmed the balanced principles of Shiizm which emerged within the Arab nation . This rise came out natural based on love of prophet Mohammed's descendants and his noble followers and based on their principles and behavior."

The President concluded his speech saying " This victory of ours is not based on such type of behavior nor it is based on such deviation rather it is for safeguarding Iraq's rights and those of the Arab nation. It is also a victory for those Iranians who discovered the meaning of true belief and who no longer have a blindfold to cover their minds or visions."

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