Statement of Ambassador Nizar Hamdoon to members of the Security Council of the United Nations during its meeting of December 16, 1998 regarding the ongoing aggression of the U.S. and the U.K. against Iraq:

I speak to you now while rockets and bombs are falling on the cities and the villages of Iraq, Iraq that is steadfast and patient. I am not speaking in symbolic language or about a fireworks display in the Baghdad sky, which is being enjoyed by CNN viewers. Indeed, I am speaking about bombs that are falling at this very moment to rip out the hearts of elderly men, and women and extinguish smiles from the faces of children and scatter their limbs everywhere. These are instruments of destruction that are reaping the lives of Iraqi civilians who have been suffering for the past eight years from one of the most comprehensive and horrendous sanctions known in human history.

The aggression launched by the United States and Britain today is the most glaring evidence of the absence of principles in international relations and of the submission of the world to the authority of brute power. Indeed, this is a very grim and sad day in the history of the United Nations and the Security Council. At a time when the Security Council, with the participation of the Secretary-General was discussing reports submitted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) on the status of compliance by Iraq, and before the Council reached any conclusion on this subject, the United States and Britain launched their attack against Iraq. The two Powers requested a suspension of the informal meeting of the Security Council and their pretext for aggression was that one of the two reports - the UNSCOM report - emphasized the lack of full cooperation by Iraq with UNSCOM. Thus, the United States has once again arrogated to itself the Security Council's authority and flouted international law and the United Nations Charter. Indeed, it has disregarded the prestige of the members of the Council, who were in session and were act allowed to even complete their discussion, in keeping with their responsibilities for maintaining international peace and security.

Time and again we have warned against the partiality and link of objectivity of the United Nations Special Commission. The conduct of the UNSCOM Executive Chairman yesterday and today provided additional evidence that his partiality, lack of integrity and lack of objectivity as an international civil servant could indeed lead the world to disasters, the first victim of which would be the United Nations and its prestige. The UNSCOM Executive Chairman singled out in his report yesterday five incidents out of a total of 300 inspection operations; I repent, five incidents of 300 inspection operations that have been undertaken since UNSCOM resumed its operations in Iraq on 18 November. He considered those incidents as categorical evidence of lack of cooperation or, Iraq's part. What are these incidents? One is that the Iraqi side requested UNSCOM in respect the Muslim religious holiday on Fridays. Another was that the Iraqi side took inspectors to the headquarters of a non-Iraqi organization and the officers of that organization denied the inspectors access to their headquarters. A third incident was that UNSCOM inspectors entered a site where they were expecting to find what was presumed to be documents and they failed to find such documents because those documents were not there.

Another incident relates to the "air force' document, which we invited him to discuss jointly, in the Presence of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General. He refused to do so. Yet mother incident relates to a visit to the party headquarters, in which a party representative requested a written request -just a few lines - to inspect the party headquarters. They refused to do so. And to complete his non-objective conclusions with regard to cooperation by Iraq, the Executive Chairman of the Special Commission today, without the knowledge or approval of the Security Council - without its knowledge or approval - withdrew his inspectors from Iraq in order to pave the way completely for the military aggression against Iraq by the United States and the United Kingdom.

The exaggerated uproar about Iraqi weapons of tons destruction is nothing but a great lie; the other lie is the allegation that Iraq poses a threat its neighbors.  With regard in weapons of mass destruction, UNSCOM and the International Atomic Energy Agency have been operating since April 1991, with cooperation from the Iraqi side, and have completed their essential work in the aces of disarmament The International Atomic Energy Agency announced recently that the disarmament phase has virtually been completed, and UNSCOM declared that it was about in complete that phase with regard to missiles and chemical weapons, a month being ant by the Chairman of UNSCOM to do so.

The question that arises is where are the prohibited weapons, which they allege that Iraq still has? If UNSCOM has my evidence that Iraq possesses a prohibited weapon or its components, then we challenge them, as we have done in the put, to provide physical evidence to the Security Council. Indeed, wine members of the Security Council have requested, time and again, that such evidence be submitted, but UNSCOM has failed to do so.

With regard to the threat posed by Iraq to its neighbors - and there is a well-known exception in this context - we ask the Security Council to tell us which of Iraq's neighboring States claims that Iraq is threatening its peace and security. Indeed, we would pose another question: what has the Security Council done in the face of the threats to the peace and security of Iraq made every day by some permanent members of the Security Council, and of other threats posed by mother neighbouring country?

In closing, I invite the Security Council to fulfil its responsibilities a ad forth in the United Nations Charter and request an immediate and unconditional cessation of the aggression that is under way against Iraq. Furthermore I remind the Council of the content of the statement issued by the national leadership of my country today; that we are, confident that the people of Iraq will prove once again that this aggression is futile and a failure, as they have done in the put with regard in every prim instance of aggression.

Finally, I wish a holy Ramadan to the steadfast Iraqis and to Arabs and Muslim everywhere in the world.


 -  end  -