August 1990
Excerpts from the Provional verbatim record of
UN Security Council meeting
Thursday Aug 2 1990, New York
A provisional revolutionary goverment in Kuwait is formed. The nine member provisional cabinet was by Colonel Alla Hussein Ali .Col Ali was named Prime Minister and C in C of new army. 
Meeting is called to order at 5:30 AM ....

Mr. KADRAT (Iraq) (interpretation from Arabic ) I should first like to congratulate you, Sir, on your assumption of the presidency of the Security Council. I wish also to express our thanks and congratulations to the Permanent Representative of Malaysia, who presided over the Council's work last month.

The position of my country's Government with respect to the item before the Council is the following

First, the events taking place in Kuwait are internal matters which have no relation to Iraq.

Secondly, the Free Provisional Government of Kuwait requested my Government to assist it to establish security and order so that the Kuwaitis would not have to suffer. My Government decided to provide such assistance solely on that basis.

Thirdly, the Iraqi Government energetically states that Iraq is pursuing no goal or objective in Kuwait and desires cordial and good-neighbourly relations with Kuwait.

Fourthly, it is the Kuwaitis themselves who in the final analysis will determine their future. The Iraqi forces will withdraw as soon as order has been restored. This was the request made by the Free Provisional Government of Kuwait. We hope that it will take no more than a few days, or at the most a few weeks.

Fifthly, there are reports that the previous Kuwaiti Government has been overthrown and that there is now a new Government. Hence, the person in the seat of Kuwait here represents no one, and his statement lacks credence.

Sixthly, my Government rejects the flagrant intervention by the United States of America in these events. This intervention is further evidence of the coordination and collusion between the United States Government and the previous Government of Kuwait

My country's Government hopes that order will be swiftly restored in Kuwait and that the Kuwaitis themselves will decide upon their future, free from any outside intervention.

Mr. PICKERING (United States of America). I want first, Sir, to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Ambassador Ismail Razali of Malaysia, your predecessor, for the splendid work he did in leading the Security Council last month, and to extend to you our congratulations and good wishes on your assumption of the presidency of the Council. Saving time, or shortly after midnight today in Kuwait and in Iraq, Iraqi forces moved into Kuwaiti territory, according to reports received from the United States Embassy in Kuwait. ....

While the Iraqi invasion was carefully planned and professionally executed, the Iraqis at one salient point made a serious mistake. Instead of staging their coup d'etat and installing this socalled free provisional government before the invasion, they got it .the wrong way around. They invaded Kuwait and then staged the coup d'etat in a blatant and deceitful effort to justify their action - like the effort they have just made here.......