1983/84  Cusp of Libra/Scorpio

Pluto station R   Feb 1    1983   29 Libra  32

February 3 - Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is granted a double dissolution of both houses of parliament for elections on March 5. Bob Hawke replaces Bill Hayden as leader of the Australian Labor Party.
February 16 - The Ash Wednesday bushfires in Victoria and South Australia claim the lives of 76 people in one of Australia's worst fires ever.
March 5 - Bob Hawke is elected Labour Prime Minister of Australia.
March 23 - Strategic Defense Initiative: U.S. President Ronald Reagan makes his initial proposal to develop technology to intercept enemy missiles. The media dub this plan "Star Wars."

Pluto station D   July 7   26 libra   43

October 25 - United States troops invade Grenada
October 25 - Microsoft Word is first released.

Pluto enters Scorpio Nov 5 1983

November 2 - NATO commenced a ten-day realistic command post exercise code-named “Able Archer” culminating with a simulation of a NATO nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. The anticipated arrival of Pershing II nuclear missiles in Europe, led the USSR leadership to believe that Able Archer 83 was a ruse of war, obscuring preparations for a genuine nuclear first strike

December 9 - The Australian Dollar is floated, by Federal treasurer Paul Keating. Under the old flexible peg system, the Reserve Bank bought and sold all
Australian dollars and cleared the market at the end of the day.

January 24 - The first Apple Macintosh goes on sale.
February 1 - Medicare comes into effect in Australia.

Pluto station R Feb 4   2 Scorpio 08

February 26 - United States Marines pull out of Beirut, Lebanon
April 19 - Advance Australia Fair is proclaimed as Australia's national anthem, and green and gold as the national colours.
May 14 - The one dollar coin is introduced in Australia.

Pluto re- enters Libra May 18 1984

June 6 - Indian troops storm the Golden Temple at Amritsar, the Sikh's holiest shrine, killing an estimated 2000 people.

Pluto station D   9 July    29 libra 19

August 1 - Australian banks are deregulated.
August 21 - Half a million people in Manila demonstrate against the regime of Ferdinand Marcos

Pluto enters Scorpio August 27 1984

September 4 - The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, led by Brian Mulroney, wins 211 seats in the House of Commons, forming the largest majority government in Canadian history.
October 31 - Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated by her 2 Sikh security guards . Riots soon break out in New Delhi, and some 2,700 Sikhs are killed.
November 25 - Thirty-six of Britain and Ireland's top pop musicians gather in a Notting Hill studio to form Band Aid, and record the song "Do They Know It's Christmas", in order to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia