1821-22 Cusp of Virgo-Aries

25 March (Julian calendar)/April 6 (Gregorian calendar) - Greece declares its liberation from the Ottoman Empire, beginning the Greek War of Independence.
June 24 - Simón Bolívar wins the Battle of Carabobo, ensuring Venezuela's independence from Spain.

Pluto station R     30 Jun 1821 29°Pi52' R

July 10 - The United States takes possession of its newly-bought territory of Florida from Spain.   
July 28 - Peru declares independence from Spain.
August 10 - Missouri is admitted as the 24th U.S. state.
September 7 - The Republic of Gran Colombia (a federation covering much of presentday Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador) was established, with Simón Bolívar as the founding President and Francisco de Paula Santander as vice president.
September 15 - Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica gain independence from Spain.
September 27 - Mexico gains its independence from Spain.
November 28 - Panama declares independence from Spain.
Pluto station D   12 Dec 1821
Pluto  enters Aries    17 Apr 1822

July 13 - Greek War of Independence: Greeks defeat Ottoman forces at Thermopylae.
July 28 - Independence Day in Peru

Pluto station R     2 Jul 1822 00°Ar59' R

September 7 - Brazil declares its independence from Portugal    
Pluto re- enters Virgo    19 Sep 1822

November 13 - Greek War of Independence: Nafplion falls to the Greek rebels.

Pluto station D   14 Dec 1822     28°Pi53' D