Stop nuclear proliferation

200,000 could be killed in Cassini
Depleted uranium:
Dead Children, Sick soldiers 
New Penetrator Nuclear bombs threaten Third world 
Gambling with the Devil 

An award winning documentary film produced for
                    German television by Freider Wagner and Valentin
                    Thurn. The film exposes the use and impact of
                    radioactive weapons during the current war against
                    Iraq. The story is told by citizens of many nations.
                    It opens with comments by two British veterans,
                    Kenny Duncan and Jenny Moore, describing their
                    exposure to radioactive, so-called depleted uranium
                    (DU), weapons and the congenital abnormalities of
                    their children. Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther, a former
                    colleague of Albert Schweitzer, and Tedd Weyman of
                    the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC) traveled
                    to Iraq, from Germany and Canada respectively, to
                    assess uranium contamination in Iraq.

The Doctor the Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children

  D U Gulf war contamination

Radio-active battlefield of the 1990s